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74 Curtis Creek Rd | Candler, NC 28715
828.670.TREE (8733)

About Pisgah Plants

Pisgah Plants is here to make local landscapers’ job easier and more fruitful.

We provide a large variety of popular landscape plants and edibles selected for our region at wholesale prices. Most of our plants are North Carolina grown, some right here at our nursery. Pisgah Plants is open to requests for plants and products that we don’t regularly stock.

The advantages of producing fruit in a home landscape are endless.

Homeowners are beginning to recognize that locally grown food is healthier and is beneficial to the environment. Fruit bearing trees and shrubs can be incorporated into the smallest landscape to produce food, and at the same time be an ornamental feature in the garden.

Pisgah Plants is a family owned business

As a family owned business we strive to use sustainable practices as much as possible. We support the local economy and will continue to grow our business by producing locally grown plants.
About Pisgah Plants Wholesale Nursery

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